A lush, self-contained suburban refuge.

Though farther flung from Houston’s dynamic core, the Woodlands is, for many, a welcome escape from all the concrete and highway gridlock that comes with urban living. Its idyllic wooded setting and abundance of upscale amenities continue to draw new residents.

Embracing sunny days, scenery, and the synergy of community.

What used to be middle-of-nowhere countryside has become a seductive bubble of easy living, and Woodlands residents take full advantage of being surrounded by nature and hospitable neighbors, especially at community events like the weekly farmers’ market at Grogan’s Mill

The many amenities of Lake Woodlands.

Even if you’re not a rower or a kayaker or a sailor, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy Lake Woodlands. The 200-acre waterway is ringed with parks, like Northshore Park, known for its prime picnic spots and al fresco concerts, and Southshore Park, popular with fishing enthusiasts and kids, who come to see the dragon sculpture rising out of the water.