Perry MacAdams

Director of Operations | REALTOR®

Meet Perry

A native Houstonian, Perry grew up with a passion for the performing arts. He is a professional percussionist having played drum set percussion for over thirty years, and has produced and recorded more than ten full length studio records. After graduating a year early from high school, he spent his “senior year” as a freshman at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, a small town outside of Tel-Aviv, Israel. Perry then spent a year at Texas A&M University before completing his music performance and percussion studies at the University of North Texas’ prestigious music school in Denton, Texas.

His musical expertise and experiences span the styles of rock, country, hip-hop and every genre in between. Perry has performed hundreds of live concerts and events, across Texas and beyond, and has been featured performing on both live and recorded radio and television. Perry regularly performs on the weekends and has been an avid concert-goer, both on and off the stage, since the mid-1990s.

Perry’s savvy reaches beyond music into technology and sales. During his sales career, Perry has sold everything from clothing to furniture to tech. Perry’s extensive experience within the technology field started before social media and smart devices were emerging industries. He has been building custom computers since the age of 11, he has installed industrial satellite dishes and cabling in facilities such as Reliant Arena, and has installed home cabling in many new construction homes in Houston. He has built, refurbished, and sold custom computers and technology equipment wholesale, nationwide. All the while, Perry has been working as a professional musician. This career bridge of simultaneous sales and music performance experiences have enabled Perry to discover his love for customer service and set the stage for a successful career in real estate.

Since 2011, Perry continues to bring over thirty years of technology expertise to Karen’s team. Together, they continue to look to the future. Karen leverages Perry’s creative, technical, and customer service knowledge to stay well ahead of the constant challenges of an ever-changing real estate landscape. Perry and Karen’s skills complement each other perfectly and together they are a Rockstar Team.